Devilian: Talisman Overviews

What are talismans?

Talismans are unique items that let you boost your stats and abilities, by drawing power from allies and characters, from the world of Devilian. Each Talisman represents an individual in the universe of Nala, and they can be upgraded or fused to strengthen everything; from attack power and movement speed, to elemental protections and gold acquired from fallen foes.

When can I equip talismans?

Starting at level 10, you can equip a Talisman you’ve collected, just like you would a piece of gear. Initially, you’ll receive one slot for a Talisman of your choice, but more slots will open up as you level. (As will a second tab where you can store a separate loadout of Talismans you can switch to on the go.)

One of the best things about the Talisman system is that you can sacrifice unwanted copies to strengthen your favorite Talismans (until they reach their maximum level). Fully-leveled Talismans can be enhanced even further by merging them with other copies of the same Talisman.

How do I obtain talismans?

Talismans often drop from bosses in dungeons or in the open world, but they can also be obtained from crafting. The materials needed to craft new Talismans are gained by deconstructing uncommon or higher level gear, so you’ll always have a use for items you find.

Besides being a really cool collectible with awesome art, Talismans are a great way to customize your character with the bonuses that most benefit your playstyle.

What type of talismans are available?

There are two types of talismans:
Normal talismans that provide additional stats once equipped, and Resistance talismans that provide additional stats and elemental resistance once equipped.