Devilian: Devil Form Overview

What is Devil Form?

In Devilian, your inner demons can be your greatest strength. As one of the fabled Devilians, half-devils exposed to the darkness of Chaos Stones, you must unleash the devil within if you hope to defeat Kavel’s forces. In this feature spotlight, we take a closer look at Devil form, a unique transformation that allows your characters to embrace their dark side.

How do I transform into Devil Form?

Throughout Devilian, as you fight and defeat Devils, you’ll also collect their souls. Once you’ve harvested enough Devil Souls, you’ll have the power to enter Devil form, which has a distinct set of abilities and its own unique equipment with which to battle. You also spend collected Devil Souls to level up your Devil form. Devil Souls can be slowly earned from defeating normal enemies, and larger amounts are earned as rewards from Dungeons and PvP Battlefields. After collecting enough Devil Souls, you can use the 'V' key to transform into your Devil Form.

Devil form can be crucial when facing dungeon bosses or when you need a last ditch save. It can also be used strategically in a number of other areas, depending on your playstyle. You’re always in Devil form while in PvP and certain boss fights will also force you into Devil form.

How do I obtain Devil Form Gear?

As you challenge players in Battlefields or make your way through the 100+ level Abyssal Tower, you’ll earn tokens that can be redeemed for powerful Devil form gear. This gear can also be upgraded with enchantments, which allows you a greater level of customization as you take on new challenges.