Linking and Unlinking Defiance Consoles to your Trion Worlds Account

How do I link my console to my Trion Worlds account?

You can link your console to your Trion Worlds account using the following steps:

  1. Start up Defiance and log in with one of your characters.
  2. Press 'Start' then hold down LT or L2 and select 'Settings'.
  3. Then select the menu for 'Link Account' to find your 15 digit code.
  4. Now on your PC or mobile device log in to this site: here.
  5. Enter in your 15 digit console code to link your account.
  6. You will know your account is linked because it will drop down a linked box with either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.
If the link above gives you an error you can use this link to also link your account: here

Note: Your Link Account code will refresh every 24 hours.

How do I unlink my console account from my Trion account?

If you have accidentally linked your Xbox or PS3 account to the incorrect Trion Worlds account, please follow the instructions below to unlink your Trion Account from your console account.

  1. Please log in here, using the same account details you used to log in when you linked your console originally.
  2. Once logged into the account, you will see the linking screen.
  3. Once at this page, you will see the currently linked console as well as the option to ‘Unlink’.
  4. Select the Unlink option to complete the process.
  5. Once you have unlinked your console from this Trion Account, you can log out.
  6. After logging out (you will be back to ‘Log into an Ark Hunter Profile’), please sign into the Trion account you would like to have linked to your console.
  7. Once logged back in, you will be back at the ‘Link to Your Console’ screen.
  8. Enter in the Console code that is received while in-game in Defiance and hit ‘Link to Your Console’.

Your console account will now be linked to the new Trion Account.